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NOTICE is hereby given that the 35th Annual General Meeting of the Members of Yash Papers Limited will be held on Saturday, the 25th day of July, 2015 at 10:00 A.M. at Hotel Little Chef, 15/198 - A, Civil Lines, Kanpur – 208 001, Uttar Pradesh. The Register of Members and the Share Transfer Books of the Company shall remain closed from 18th July, 2015 to 25th July, 2015 (both days inclusive).


NOTICE is hereby given that the Board Meeting of Yash Papers Limited will be held on Saturday, the 25th day of July, 2015 at 10:30 A.M. at Hotel Little Chef, 15/198 - A, Civil Lines, Kanpur – 208 001, Uttar Pradesh, to consider and approve the 1st quarter result of financial year 2015-16 of the Company.


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  • Women’s Day Celebration : The International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year to embark and remember the contribution of women to our society. We at YASH, celebrated the same on March 10, 2015 with great pomp and show. Yash Papers will always remain thankful and indebted to its women power for contributing heavily towards sustainability, growth and prosperity.
  • Safety Week - March 4th to March 10th :  44th Safety Week was celebrated in Yash Papers Limited from March 4-10, 2015 to promote safety during work. Trainings like First Aid Training and Electrical Safety Training were organised to elevate safety awareness among workers and employees. Also, Quiz competition and poster and slogan contest were organised to engage more and more employees in safety activities. The outstanding performances were awarded with prizes. Sandeep Pawar from Vittiya Seva Sangh was awarded for his best poster and slogan. Participants from Rasayan Vyapar Sangh, Urja Vyapar Sangh and Paryavaran Seva Sangh stood First, Second and Third respectively for their outstanding performance in implementing safety measures. 
Post on: Friday, February 13, 2015 - 10:11am
  • Welcoming Mr. Sandeep Pawar. Sandeep has joined us as Head of Funding in Vitteya Seva Sangh. He has completed his post graduate diploma in International business and operations and MBA in finance from Pune University. Sandeep is a Bachelor of Engineering (E&TC) from Pune University. Sandeep has a total work experience of 4 yrs and has worked with companies like Powerdeal Energy Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. and Sani Electro Spark. He is from Maharashtra and loves touring and travelling. Sandeep also has a niche interest for research. We welcome him to Yash Pariwar and wish him all the best for his assignments.
  • Board meeting, 7 February 2015. The meeting of the Board of Directors of Yash Papers was convened on February 7, 2015 to approve the Unaudited Quarterly Results for the Quarter and 9 months ended December 31, 2014 after convening the Audit Committee Meeting on February 06, 2015.
  • Sustainability and CSR Committee Meeting, 4 February 2015. The committee for sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) met to adopt a CSR policy. The committee decided to focus on a three-pronged agenda: To maximize positive impact through education, employment and sanitation; to minimise environmental impact through improving conservation efforts, bettering the treatment of liquid and air discharge, and finding value additions for solid wastes; and to create a great work environment by improving team engagement, family involvement, improved infrastructure and growth of its people.
  • IIT – Roorkee & CPPRI – Team Yash visited IIT – Roorkee & CPPRI at Saharanpur, UP, for recruitments from campus in areas like solid waste management, pulp mill, paper machine and sales. The drive began with Mr. Ved Krishna – Managing Director, addressing the students and making them aware about values of Yash Group and our priorities at Yash Papers. 2 students each from IIT and CPPRI were shortlisted after a round of written test followed by personal interview. We extend heartiest thanks to Mr. Dharam Dutt and Mr. Jain for their awesome hospitality and care.
  • Quantum Global Campus: Manav Vikas Sangh of team Yash visited Quantum Global Campus at Chutmalpur, Roorkee for building further relationship in terms of recruitment and industry interface. Mr. Sumant Pai, Head of HR addressed students on values of Yash Papers and provided them the inputs on how can they be a part of growing industry. We thank Ms. Cheshta, Mr. SC Handa, Mr. Navdeep Sirohi and Prof Rohit Khuswaha for a wonderful hospitality and care.
  • Nihal Joined us as Export Executive:   Nihal joined us as Executive - Exports. He has completed his MBA with Marketing major from Galgotia Institute Of Management and BBA from Jhunjhunwala Business School. He has a total work experience of more than 1.5 years and has worked with us for an year before completing his MBA. He has also worked for HDFC standard Life Insurance for 6 months after MBA. He is from Faizabad and loves touring and travelling.
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  • 5S is Implemented! Yash Papers is proud to announce it has implemented "5S" as regular practice. 5S is a workplace organization method for organizing a work space efficiently and effectively. It is named after five Japanese words all beginning with the letter S (seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke), which describe principles of clearing, storing, and maintaining organization. Our plant looks more organized and systematic after this effort and we look forward to maintaining the plant according to these principles!
  • Chlorine Mock Drill.  We take safety seriously here at Yash Papers, and that means routinely testing equipment and team member responses to safety threats. Last month we conducted a chlorine drill, simulating a chlorine leak at the plant. The drill was done in cooperation with Chief Fire Officer Mr. S. P. Khuswaha.
  • Grand Diwali Party! Confirming that team spirit is indeed a core value at Yash Papers, team leaders and members were treated to a Diwali party at the farm house of Head of Group, Mr. Ved Krishna. We enjoyed food, games, boating, a card party and cricket.
  • Student visit. Approximately 40 students from the Yash Industrial Training Center of Electrical Trade visited us on 14th November to learn the importance and functioning of cables. We love teaching and sharing knowledge with students eager to learn.
  • Successful 3500 MT Production. Employees met their targets in October and were rewarded with a grand party. They enjoyed the sweets, celebrated their hardwork and pledged to continue achieving targets.
  • New Employees. Yash Papers welcomes three new team members in Pulp Mill: Mr. Vinay Mishra, Contract Management; Mr. Vivek Mishra, ETP Section; and Mr. Chandra Shekher Maurya
  • Training and Development. The head of treasury, Mr. Rishu Agrawal attended a weeklong training on Advanced Corporate Finance.
  • Dealer’s Meet. The Yash Papers Dealer's Meeting was on 24th Novemeber in Delhi. The goal was to reformulate systems and policies. Dealers across the country participated in the meeting and awards were distributed to the best performers of last year. The Yash Papers Sales Team was present, including Head Of Sales Mr. Sailesh Singh, Head R&D Mr. Sanjay Chechi, and Head of Procurement Mr. Manoj Maurya
  • Consultant visit. In the series of visit of consultants, Mr. Tom Miles a famous name in America in field of waste management, visited Yash Papers on 27th November 2014. He addressed Yash in assembly and shared his working style and systems. He answered questions on storing raw material and paper making, etc.
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In series of Kaizen Program, our Kaizen guru’s were with us from 09th September to 13th September 2014. Their stress was on “5S”. They explained us the need and importance of 5S. They gave a sporty challenge to implement 5S, and see the increase in efficiency of work. Yash has promised to implement 5S before their next visit.

Students from class-2 of Yash Vidya Mandir visited the plant. Students were very innovative and displayed craft abilities with our paper.

In the series of training and development, classes are underway with huge participation from the employees. Trainers are very innovatively getting involved and are concluding sessions with SPL. This will surely help in evolving individuals.

This month, we gave farewell to one of the senior most person of Mechanical Sewa Sangh “Mr. Ram lakhan Tiwari ji”. Popularly known as pump specialist, he has been the teacher and guide of many. Yash family wishes him the very best for the future.

YPL conducted a class on fire fighting which was attended by members across all areas. A class of theory followed by practical demonstration showed active involvement by members.

Mr. G Narayana aka “Guruji” visited Yash Papers on 08th September 2014. He explained the need for evaluation of oneself. He told us that it is necessary to keep evaluating ourselves. There are 18 things that we should evaluate in ourselves like confidence, discipline, control, satisfaction level, progress, appreciation, criticism etc. This shall lead to Divinity. His lessons were highly motivating.

Vishwakarma Pooja was celebrated in the plant paying respect to the almighty.

In series of training the leaders, Mr. Sumant Pai (Head HR), Ms. Shaily Raj (Head Training Development), Mr. Narendra Agrawal (Head Projects), Mr. Rajeev Srivastava (Head Maintenance), Mr. Rishu Agrawal (Head Treasury) attended a training class on Self awareness and Self management conducted by Mr. Narinder Parmar, a certified NLP Master and member of Australian Inst. of Management. He taught about Power of Brain, Importance of self time and why EQ is better than IQ.

Ms. Anjali Singh (Head of Sales Region) and Mr. Ashok Mishra (Head of Sales, Domestic) attended an exclusive one Day Seminar on “How To Provide Exceptional Customer Service & Handling Customer Complaints: …keep your customer happy & keep them coming back” conducted by Mr. Dharmandar Attal (Management Consultant)


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Mr. Girish Kumar, our Head of Business attends IPPTA seminar in Pune; topic was “Best Mantainence Practices in Pulp & Paper Mill to improve Profitability”. It was a good two day session and various topic were discussed in the forum of panel, discussion were made by eminent people from various industries. The common theme was that, importance should be given to team and practices to run the plant efficiently and increase the plant availability.

An interesting point was made by Mr. Naushad Forbes of Forbes Marshall that while availability of plant has increased in last two decades, the gap between the best and the average player of the industry has remain the same. So the solution lies in embossing automation to the maximum extent possible.

Yash Papers touched a new high in production by reaching highest finished production till date in PM#03. The output increases by 50%. 

Yash Papers had several new joining in the season. Efficient and vibrant new talent in various fields of Engineering, Paper Technology, and Management joined the team. A fresh lot of 20 people include 06 Engineers, 06 Paper Tech., 04 Management Graduates 02 Electrician’s and 02 Science Graduates joined us recently to create a strong, sustainable organization. 

Internship Completion: A two month long learning period of Internship came to a end where out of 25 projects 20 students successfully completed their internship in the month of june-july in various departments like Raw Material, Pulp, Paper M/c, Mech., Inst., Elec., R&D, HR, Marketing etc. while others students are still in learning process and are completing in month of august.

Suggestions and findings were given by the students in their presentation on their assigned projects; this came out to be beneficial for the organization.

Marketing intern, Amir Masood presented his findings and observations after his visit to several clients on the topic “Analysis of customer’s attitude, preference and satisfaction level towards paper products – made through Yash Papers.

Work Hard Party Harder: Yash Club organized a fun trip to Lucknow where Yash Club members along with their families visited Lucknow, and watched latest movie KICK. The movie was followed by lunch, and then a visit to historic monument Bada Imambara. Around 80 people enjoyed the fun trip.  

Mr. Siva Kishan, our Head of Yash Pack division, received a fellowship from UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) to attend a 2 week course on 'Green Industry: Transforming the industry of the future' at the Central  European University, Budapest from 29th June to 12th July 2014. He was selected along with 24 other participants from various countries. His earlier work in Green Buildings and current work on Biodegradable Packaging were seen as important sectors for the future of industry and helped him get a full fellowship to attend the course. Through this participation, Mr. Kishan has made many new influential contacts in other countries and also got insights into the future of various international environmental conventions. UNIDO is keen to have Mr. Kishan back to their executive programme in the future.

Amrit Arjan Initiative: “The effort that will make the difference.” In continuation to our journey of Amrit Arjan the following Kaizen Guru’s are visited us from 5th to 9th August 2014. We are proud to have interacted with Mr. Vinod Grover who is the founder of Kaizen Institute in India. In addition to keep alive the initiative, a volunteer team was formed in which a volunteer was appointed from each department to maintain the model area of PM #03. A team of 15 members worked regularly for past two weeks to keep the area clean and up to date.

Ladies Club Teej Function was enjoyed by all the ladies of Yash at the “Karma”. Manjula Ma’am the promoter of our Yash family organized a grand celebration for ladies to enjoy the prosperous festival of Teej. Green was the theme color, Ladies in green enjoyed games, snacks, song and dance, followed by dinner.  Mrs. Alka Agarwal won the “Teej Queen” title, while Mrs. Anita Agarwal stood second.

A.G.M was held on 09th August 2014 for all the shareholders. The meet happened in Kanpur at the Head Office where all the shareholders met. We are thankful to all the share holders who attended and also to those who made use of the e-voting initiative.

Our Board met on 9th Aug 2014 to review quarter results and other matters. The company was happy to report better results and we are now working on even better performance.

The board also formed two further committees on “Strategy” headed by Mr. Basant Khaitan and “Sustainability” headed by Mr. Mudar Pathreya to provide required focus on the subjects.

Mr. Ved Krishna, Head of Group was invited as a panelist for the seminar “Economic Times Operational Excellence” in Delhi. His talk on Values was well received.

Mr. Ved Krishna, Head of Group attended Papertech seminar in Hyderabad and also spoke on emerging technologies in the CEO panel. His talk was well appreciated.

Director KAIZEN Institute – INDIA visited YASH: Mr. Vinod Grover director Kaizen Institute visited us. He is our mentor in making YASH a world class company. Addressing in assembly he appreciated that we are very clear on our goals and now we just need to cross the way through. He mentioned that making efforts to achieve the goals is the necessity of the time. He stressed on the point that in order of being world class our initial requirement is that our workplace should be world class and working environment should be energetic. 

Farewell to Electrical Guru : Yash Papers bid adieu to one of the most efficient, learned, experienced, and knowledgeful employee of our Electrical department, Mr. Ram Murat DwivediCommonly known as “Guruji” between the fellow workers, he has been a teacher a mentor to many. He has been with us since 01/08/1988. There shall always be an emptiness of his absence in the factory. However he has promised to continue his guidance and support whenever needed. 

SRMCEM Students Visited YASH: Yash hosted another successful Industrial visit, where a batch of approximately 50 students visited Yash. They visited the whole plant, and had an insight of working culture of a manufacturing unit. They got in-depth knowledge of Paper Making. Like every Friday we shall be continuing the series of Industrial Visit, where SRMCEM and other colleges shall be visiting us.

Independence Day @ Yash Papers: Like every year this year also Yash celebrated 15th August with full patriotism and energy. The day started with garlanding our founder Mr. K.K. Jhunjhunwala, Flag Hosting was done by Mr. Girish Kumar Head of Business, followed by speech of respected people. The emphasis was on “Taking up Responsibility” standing by it and seeing it through. It was followed by a quiz competition which took us all back into memory lanes of the independence era. Games like Tug of War, and Volleyball was also enjoyed by the employees.

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CII - Godrej GBC in partnership with Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA) organized the 8th PaperTech 2014 at Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) from June 20 to 21. Mr. Ved Krishna, Head of Group, gave a talk on the future of Indian Paper Industry. He was accompanied with Mr Sanjay Chechi & Mr Shirish Mishra.

The objective of the event was to disseminate information on latest technologies and facilitate sharing of best practices among Indian pulp and paper plants

Our Mentor’s from the Kaizen Institute Mr. Kuldeep Tyagi & Mr Amit Garg visited us recently and encouraged our leaders & Teams to achieve performance through continuous improvement of people, processes and systems. 

The journey is all about developing & strengthening our systems for sustaining continuous improvement in all aspects towards becoming a world class company.

Ms. Shaily Raj, Mr. Vijay Singh, Atiq-ur-Rahman Syed, Mr. Karan Agarwal attended a Training workshop on HOW TO BE A STAR PERFORMER. The workshop was hosted by Mr. Tapas Dasmohapatra, Co-Founder – Possiblers, New Delhi. 

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12  students from Jingle Bell Academy interned at Yash Papers Ltd from 19-5-2014 to 24-5-2014 and gained insights with respect to functioning of the organization in areas of Power, Finance and Marketing . They were all of the opinion that such exposure would help them in choosing their fields of specialization.

Team Yash celebrated Labor Day on 1st May 2014. The guests for the occasion were Mr. Vishwanath (District Judge), Mr. Babu Ram (Civil Judge) and Mr. Krishna Kumar Pandey (Tehsildar). The guests emphasized on the importance of this day and also mentioned and gave information on the various schemes launched by the government for the betterment of the masses.

Mr. Siva Kishan, Head-Yash Pack, invited by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Australia, to participate in Summer Program titled ‘Green Industry: Transforming the Industry of the future’ where he would be speaking on Biodegradable Packaging apart from discussing his previous work on Green Buildings and Energy Issues.

Mr. Ved Krishna attends Papercon at Nashville USA from 28th to 30th April to learn more about emerging technologies. He also discusses joint venture possibilities with some US based organizations.

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We finished the FY 2013-14 with a bang. Yash Papers team achieves milestone(s) for both production and dispatch with combined sale of 4000+ MT of Paper and Pulp in March 2014. We look forward to a much more eventful 2014-15 with a renewed focus on operational excellence.

As part of operational excellence program following activities were done:

  • Training program conducted by Mr. J. Murthy of Kaizen Institute India for  leaders of Yash Papers Ltd explaining the key concept of ‘GEMBA’. GEMBA is about sorting out issues on location and continual improvements.
  • Mr. Goujun Wang of MCN China concluded a work shop on functioning of head box.
  • Mr. Ed Bowes (USA) concluded an interactive session on Design Basis Document. The session was moderated by head of group Mr. Ved Krishna through Skype and organized by Head of projects Mr. Narendra Agarwal.
  • Yash team has started “Amrit Manthan” scheme for generating new ideas. Topic would be given on weekly basis. First topic was “Water conservation”. 

Mr. Ved Krishna was invited as guest speaker on the topic ‘Bio-Mimicry’ at Asian Paper: Senior Management Symposium 2014  which was held on 24th – 25th April at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.

Prominent paper and leather bag manufacturers from Italy Mr. Daniele Boldrine, Mr. Mario and Mr. Leonardo visited Yash Papers as delegates. They praised the culture and working standards of the company and stated that they had not come across a company with such positive environment.

Mr. Nikhil Gupta joins us as Head of Finance. 

Post on: Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 2:30pm

Our R&D conducts field trial for banana fiber pulping. The results have been found encouraging and we look forward to a longer run in next season.

Our R&D team creates plan for a new centralized laboratory. This will enable us to organize our equipment better and provide more focus on new research and development.

Our Raw Material team experiments with loose dry storage of bagasse through creating large compact heaps to avoid oxygen reaction and damage to fiber properties.

Our Raw Material team does tie ups for bagasse purchase for the ensuing year to ensure enough fiber availability throughout the year. We thank our suppliers for the same.

Our Raw Material team improved yard quality through brick soling and also sets a remote depither for wet storage trials post depithing.

Our pulping operations stabilize and create new record of dispatching over 600 tons of market pulp in February along with meeting needs of our own paper operations.

Our pulping team improves the cleaning of pulp further by making changes to screening system.

Project team completes paper machine 1 and paper machine 2 modification jobs on time. Both machines have been provided with new head boxes and grinding of drying cylinder has been carried out. We look forward to providing our customers with improved quality in our paper.

Paper Machine 3 creates a new speed record by reaching a draw of over 3.2 tons an hour. We look forward to consistent performance of this productivity.

Our team go through working on annual plans and capex budget plans. We look forward to an improved performance in the coming year.

Mr. Sumant Pai joins us as Head of HR. Sumant has a wonderful experience of managing a variety of teams as an executive producer in bollywood. We look forward to working with him.